2. Family and Community Engagement

2B. Transitions

Brief Overview of Standard: Helping families navigate transitions also provides meaningful support to children so that they can continue to succeed as they progress in their learning, growth and development


Specific Tools

Early Childhood Transition Worksheet
This worksheet may serve as a guide for disabilities coordinators when planning transitions with early intervention staff, preschool special education teams and parents. This tool lists the IDEA transition requirements and key infrastructure components in chart format. It can be used as a planning tool and discussion guide for identifying factors contributing to non-compliance and effective practices.


Informational Resources

Family Engagement in Transitions: transition to Kindergarten
This resource discusses the role of parents in their child’s transition to a new learning environment, in particular this article focuses on transitioning to kindergarten.

Foundations of Transitions for Young Children

Most families of young children use and move between different types of early childhood services -- like Head Start, private child care, public preschool, or kindergarten. Moving between and among these various programs is often referred to as ’transition’.” This 8-minute video provides an overview of the desirable outcomes of transition, research identifying effective transition practices, as well as the legal requirements of early childhood transition.

Four Important Things to Know About the Transition to School
Four Important Things to Know About the Transition to School
(721 KB)
The Harvard Family Research Project created a report that highlights four important things research tells us about the transition to school.