3. Leadership and Management

3A. Program Administration

Brief Overview of Standard: Research has demonstrated that strong leadership and management practices make a tangible difference in the quality of care and education provided.  This is accomplished by incorporating high quality administrative practices, regularly assessing overall program operations, and establishing program goals to continually improve the quality of the program.


Specific Tools

Program Administration Scale (PAS)
Administration Scale (PAS) is a valid and reliable instrument designed to measure the leadership and management practices of early childhood programs. The PAS provides valuable information to directors about the quality of their administrative practices and can be used as a springboard for program improvement efforts.

Business Administration Scale
Research demonstrates that overall administrative practices in ECE programs are critical components of ensuring high quality outcomes for children. These tools will measure ECE facility and Family Child Care Provider based leadership and management policies and implementation of those policies, and provide data for developing strategies to improve on‐site administrative practices.


Informational Resources

PAS Documentation List
This documentation list was compiled to help programs prepare for Program Administration Scale (PAS) verification visit. The list includes each of the 25 items in the PAS and the indicator strands/rows (e.g., 1.1, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1) that comprise each item and require documentation. The corresponding criteria associated with each indicator strand describe the evidence that is needed to demonstrate that the criteria are met.

The Director’s Toolbox—A Management Series for Early Childhood Administrators
Written in a concise format, each book provides a theoretical overview on a focused topic, numerous examples from the day-to-day world of early childhood administration, exercises, checklists, and suggested resources. Perfect as a self-paced guide for the busy director eager to learn practical suggestions for improving administrative effectiveness or as a training tool for workshop presenters. For purchase.

Taking Charge of Change
Training Opportunity for Illinois Early Childhood Administrators, sponsored by IDHS, is a 10-month leadership development program on the change process. Learn how to promote peak performance, enhance shared decision making, and build a healthy organizational climate.

McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership Research & Resource Library
The research and resource library provides you with information on best practices in early childhood administration. You’ll find practical tools for improving program operations and supporting organizational change.